Finally, Some Updates!

Hello all,  long time no see. I’ll like to start off with a quick apology, sorry for the long wait! I’ve been personally very busy over the last few months and the website has been the least of my worries. Now things are starting to settle down I’ve had to change to push though some updates and give you some info.

First things first, the website is now functioning as it should. I’ve added an about page and a photo gallery, plus a forum that you can use for any questions, suggestions, etc. We’ll be adding more and more as we go along, but at the moment we don’t have a great deal to show.

So, how are we getting on? When we did our last press release almost 3 months ago we were in the late stages of planning, lots of ideas but still no definite premises or financing. Things have come along way on from there and all of our financing is in place. We’ve located a suitable industrial building for us to use and are currently in negotiations, things are looking promising but that’s all I’ll commit to at the moment as these things have a habit of going the wrong way.

When we do finally get a let agreed on a suitable premises and have our planning permission I’ll do another update with all the details I have. In the meantime keep skirmishing! ROE and Airsoft Essex are both providing regular days in the area and come highly recommended.


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